Manchester deserves real democracy

Good questions from Ian Chishall, in relation to the plans for our first unelected elected Mayor of Greater Manchester…


untitled (210)The decision by the combined Councils in Greater Manchester to choose who the interim Mayor for the region should be to cover the period until a public election can take place in 2017 shows how little respect these powerful politicians have for the people who elect them. Elections for directly elected Mayors and Police and Crime Commissioners (the new Mayor will also be the regions PCC) in other areas have returned a significant number of Independent candidates. As a result of the process planned for Greater Manchester, their first Mayor will be a Labour Party member whether the residents of Manchester wish this or not. This is a travesty and it is time our Political Parties stopped treated their constituents as Pavlovs dogs, turning out to vote every few years, with no involvement in between elections. One of the major challenges is the cost of elections and referenda at a time…

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