SNP annexation of Manchester welcome

Today’s surprise announcement from Nicola Sturgeon that, in the event of the SNP they would seek to nego

tiate for Manchester to be annexed to Scotland is welcome news for all Mancunians.

Manchester has been under the yolk of Westminster for far too long, its high time we joined with our Northern neighbours in a Greater Celtic Powerhouse.

As part of the deal, Ms Sturgeon proposed to move the production of Iron Bru to Salford, and opening at least three whiskey distilleries bringing an immediate 200 extra jobs to the region.

In other good news in an increasingly unpredictable Election campaign: Ed Balls promised to reintroduce an 85% top rate tax, the Lib Dems confirmed rumours of a new Palace Bedroom Tax, on all domestic palaces with more than 50 spare bedrooms, and George Osborne revealed plans to close down the biggest 10 global Tax Havens – starting with the City of London.

It’s only April 1, and the General Election campaign is already starting to get interesting. Who would believe it?

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3 Responses to SNP annexation of Manchester welcome

  1. Adrian Wait says:

    MMMmmmmm? April 1st.

  2. Salim Yakub says:

    Ha, ha…!!

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