Drowning in Debt: MPs back call to end the rent-to-own rip-off

A Fair Say

Drowning in DebtThe All Party Parliamentary Group on debt and personal finance has today called on the Financial Conduct Authority to launch an investigation into the so called ‘Rent-to-own’ market, dominated by Brighthouse and Perfecthomes.  Not before time.

In September 2013, Church Action on Poverty published the findings of our own investigation into the ‘Rent to Own’ market, which revealed that since the financial crisis in 2007 it has been boom times for the likes of Brighthouse.

The rent-to-own (RTO) sector has more than doubled its pre-tax profits over the last three years,from £9.83 million to £19.7million, by selling basic appliances, furniture, and white goods to hard-up families at inflated prices and sky high interest rates.
In 2013 we highlighted the example of a six-seater sofa from Sofaland which cost £660 – compared with £2,113 for an equivalent item from BrightHouse.  Add on BrightHouse’s 64.7% interest, and this sofa ends…

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