Now Mr Gove is at it

Party Faithful Attend The Annual Conservative Party ConferenceFollowing Lord Freud’s claims on Tuesday that foodbanks are culpable for generating an ‘almost infinite demand’ for free food, Michael Gove was at it yesterday:  Attacking parents who send their children to school hungry, claiming it was due to their ‘chaotic’ lives rather than a lack of cash.

A consistent picture is emerging: Government Ministers casting round for other people to blame for the growth of food poverty. Anything, in fact, to deflect attention from the glaringly obvious:

Thousands of people across the UK (many in work) simply don’t have enough money to feed themselves.  Thousands are then let down by the absence of the ‘welfare safety net’ which has ceased to function in any meaningful way.

It used to be the mark of a civilised society that it cared for its poorest and most vulnerable members, rather than blaming them for their plight.

One of the founding principles of the welfare state was that it would offer a safety net for any of us when we fell on hard times, to prevent us falling into penury and destitution.

Even in these hardened times, what is the safety net for, if not to prevent people going hungry?  But Ministers are seemingly unwilling or unable to face the unpalatable fact that the welfare safety net had been eroded to the point where, for tens of thousands, it has ceased to exist.

Much easier to blame those who are trying to help for their generosity in supplying ‘free goods’ – or the very parents who are struggling to make ends meet.

With Government Ministers in denial, it is all the more reason for an urgent Parliamentary Inquiry into the relationship between benefit delay, error and sanctions, welfare reform and the growth of foodbanks.  Add your voice to the call for a Parliamentary Inquiry now!

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6 Responses to Now Mr Gove is at it

  1. niallcooper says:

    Reblogged this on A Fair Say.

  2. Pat says:

    Niall, thanks for all the excellent posts of the last few days – they’ve been much appreciated

  3. ianchisnall says:

    Spot on mate – well done.

  4. Jochen Gren says:

    And just like his friends the Victorians he blames the poor for their own plight. But then take a good look at things that’ve been taken from us, a free education, safe health service, a welfare system that helps and last but not least the pension system. These are all things destroyed by politicians they have a lot to answer for surely we must reach a point when politicians are held to account for their actions in ruining the country we live in. They are making sure their friends and they themselves get richer and the people who work to make sure something works can all go get stuffed we need politicians wh are not owned by unions, companies or are just plain corrupt we need to look at these parties and hold them to accont for what they’ve done to the country we ALL live in.

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